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Hi everybody 🙂

Even if I didn’t update here all my kitchen adventures I posted as often as I could on Instagram, so, if you followed me, you know by now that it has been an interesting journey. I “traveled” through India, China, Italy and many other countries. 🙂 Really it’s like traveling for me, as I am often experiencing the places I visit trough my taste buds ;)). I’m continuing still this challenge in the days I am cooking – I am human, I cannot cook everyday 🙂 but when I cook I always make something new and tasty. It became like a reflex, and it has a lot of benefits. I like making beautiful and delicious food. I am currently writing another post more detailed about this, so do come back!

These days I had another interesting experience, that led me to believe, again, that we are not seeing the big picture, most of the time. I am talking, this time, about health. I am as you know, trained, even if a dentist, in medicine. I follow, as much as possible, all the new information about nutrition, about healthy living and exercise.

I have known since my teenage years that I have a hormonal imbalance, and found out later also the name : Policystic Ovaries Syndrome. The doctors I have been to, and, believe me, I visited a few, had the same opinion every time: “if you don’t want children right away, you have to take birth control pills. For “regulating your hormones”. Apparently it was also ” dangerous” to live without the pills so, I took them and …I never checked. Me, “the person that checks everything”, like my husband says, I didn’t check. In the last year, I started to gain weight rapidly. I went to doctor again, I tried to say I want to go off the pill, that I can feel it hurting me, but…you guessed it…they said no. Finally I had to find another doctor who understood how I feel and made a change for me. So, for three weeks, I am in a different world, so much better, relaxed, and not worrying about the effects the pills will have on me. Also, since then, I discovered that the pills, not only that can have their own side effects, they are just covering the hormonal imbalances, and not curing them, while causing new ones. Your insulin levels, your whole body and mind can be, as it happened to me, affected and your internal balance can go awry.   Cool, ha? no.. not so cool 😦

So, since I found out the reality I have been thinking how it’s possible that I didn’t think to search. I understand more than the next person the medical issues, due to my studies, which can be a blessing or a curse, but still, I didn’t even think to check. I actually know why I didn’t check their opinion more: it’s because I believe that the specialists know better. If two, three doctors insisted for the pills, I thought it can be a good treatment for me. In this case, not so much. Let’s hope that everything will come back to normal and my health will not be affected in the long run.

From this point, I started to think, how many articles are there about emotional eating, about losing weight and exercise, you name it. All of this information makes people, especially women, think that there might be a lack of ambition about them, if they cannot do the things they are advised to do, and it can mess with their self esteem. I can bet a lot of the people that don’t feel just great, with low energy, lack of or too much sleep, increased appetite or anything out of a normal balanced body and mind might have some hormonal or vitamin imbalance that can create some misleading symptoms.

Like in my case : I could feel there is something is not right, that even I love food, it’s not normal to be hungry all the time, low energy and just not characteristic moods, but you know, nobody believes you. Only an informed doctor would.

So, after all this, all I can say is: before you go checking the psychological reasons behind your body giving you some warning signs, first check the physical reasons. In medicine, there is a rule of diagnostic: if the patient has some symptoms that can be both for physical and psychological reasons, you, as a doctor, have the duty to check first the physical ones. Only when you have eliminated the possibility of being a disease of the body you can think about the mind. It’s like this. Before you start taking some pill for anxiety check your magnesium levels, if you are suffering, like me, of PCOS it is better to understand your condition and do what is necessary to really regulate your hormones, not cover the whole thing while your body is suffering. Our bodies are so miraculously built that all the vitamins, hormones,  levels in the blood chemistry, should be at some specific levels, otherwise the body is telling you, giving you clues that there is something wrong. So that muscle cramps or heart beating too fast are happening sometimes to warn you. Of course, if you do want to check, take the advice of a really good doctor, who understands the processes in the body. Self-diagnostic is a dangerous thing, so don’t do it, just try to find, there are for sure, a doctor that will care about your body and look at it as a whole.

I always say, that after my university, after all those books that were sometimes hard even to lift :), one of the things I really learned and will never forget, is how miraculously wonderful our bodies are. There are all these substances that react with each-other every minute in our bodies, just to be alive, that, believe me, make every minute precious. Very tiny quantities of some, are a condition for living. Think about it: as much as the science discovered already, there are still some areas in which the research is not conclusive yet. Our brains, for example, are functioning so wonderfully complicated that it is incredible to believe sometimes what they are capable of. The conscious and subconscious mind are working together is such a harmonious way, and still, giving you clues, if you want to listen, about what you need to do, learn and grow. I know that it is almost a cliche this “respect your body” slogan, but, I, really, really deeply believe it. Most of my doctor colleagues share the same opinion, because, at least when you are learning all the chemical processes in the body and understanding how inventive it can be, you kind of have to respect it. 🙂 Also, you have to trust it: the body is giving you some signs and you have to help it, but, when you do, you have to trust it will try to heal itself. If you crave a food – not biscuits – :))) give it that food, trust it, because most probably it needs to fuel up on a certain substance. For example, for a few months last year, I think I ate as many eggplants I could find. I don’t especially like them normally, and now I am back to normal, but in that time, I was sure there is something in these vegetables that my body needed.

In a healthy human everything is balanced. Mind and body together. We all know that perfection is a hard thing to have in the life. But, if only for a minute, try to think about that if you are alive in just that moment, it’s because, you’re perfect. 🙂

The thing about living a happy life: the main condition for achieving it is to be healthy, as healthy and balanced as possible.

So, I hope you can learn from my mistakes 🙂

Have a great week and a happy and healthy life in general ! 🙂

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Tips for sports beginners

hula hoopI am thinking these days about the search that I had to go through to find the things that work for me, for my life and personality.

There are still areas in my life for which I’m still looking for the perfect match, but regarding the exercise I pretty much figured out what I need and like to do.

The problem with choosing the perfect workout for each of us is that the quantity of information we are exposed to is so high everyday and the influences from the people close to us are so powerful, it becomes very hard to find and to understand what is best suited for each of us. This is important for every aspect of our lives, but today let’s talk look at it from the workout point of view.

First of all the WHY:

Just why, when you tried so many times and every time the same thing happens, you quit or you just got bored , why go through the same thing again and again? Because it’s worth it! At the end you will have a better image of yourself, not only due to improvement of your body, but also because of your better inner life and overall happiness. Read about it here:

And then: WHAT to choose? Pilates? Yoga? Treadmill running ? Or maybe hula- hoops workout?

yoga 2First, look at your self honestly and decide what is your goal. To lose weight?  To define your muscles?  Both? Or maybe just to improve your overall flexibility? According to your answer to this question the possibilities are : if you want to lose some weight you can go with the cardio option (whatever exercise you prefer that will keep you in the cardio zone) or if you want to just define your muscles you can try Pilates, or for more defined muscles resistance training or interval training is the best, by me, because it’s helping with both losing the extra weight and the muscle definition. For increasing your body’s flexibility you should definitely try yoga, because the benefits that you can rip are not only for the muscles but also helps with your centering and your overall well being.

Then, try to ask yourself this: can you really take an hour of your time a few times per week ( or even more if you are going to a gym, with all the traffic, changing and stuff) ? If the answer is yes, the cardio workouts and all the classes offered by any of the gyms are for you. If you are easily bored,try to mix them so you will have also the variety for your body.

If you want to take less time for working out then you have to have a different approach.It is my choice also, so I will keep posting about it. 🙂 It has to be a workout that you can do near or in your home so you don’t take the time to go to the gym.

If you like running or power walking try to do it outside, when the weather is permitting. The advantages are a lot due to the fact that your mood will also be better because of the whole sunshine exposure.  🙂

If, however you prefer other types of workout, and even in shorter time the benefits can be the same if you chose the right one. For this, my opinion is you should try interval training. The time you have to work out is less but the improvements on your body and mood will be great.

Oh, and if you really are the type of person that gets bored easily, but loves to move, try the dance workouts, zumba and belly dance workouts. They are great options for making it fun and the better you feel the most important will be the effects on your general well being.

I’m sure there are things I didn’t cover yet, but in time I will. The most important of all, is that you should search for what suits you and try to improve your work -out all the time.

Start slow and don’t push yourself otherwise you will be demotivated and quit. And, whatever you choose as a work- out, please do a warm up and a cool down. There is no other way, don’t try to make it shorter by cutting it. Your muscles will thank you and you will finish relaxed and stress free.

Please share with me your experiences, if you quit already a lot of work -outs , I know I did until I found the perfect one for me ! 🙂

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Important facts about exercise

running outside pinterest             If I ask you right now, what is the reason you work out (or you would) what would be your answer?

            Better body?

            Muscles and improved looks?


            Of course, all of them good answers, true, and very important for our lives. But there is something more: the impact on our brain and psychology.

            Sports in general, when done usually, can bring to your nervous system a lot of  improvements.

            First of all, depending on the sport, it can be a great time to think and connect with yourself, which in itself is a great reason to workout. You can achieve this while running, swimming, power-walking, riding a bicycle, and so many more, you just have to choose a sport you enjoy and that relaxes you. running treadmill pinterestOnce the stress is gone, your mind and psychology will function much better and you will feel renewed and joyful.

Second of all,and even more important,working out can be also the way for you to become a better version of yourself. No, not only physically, intellectually and psychologically also.

Most probably you know that during exercise endorphins are released in the body and the effect on you is to make you less stressed, reduce your anxiety and finally more happy. 🙂

And, third, but not the least, is the fact that during exercise you can actually improve your brain activity. Your decision- making might improve, your ability to figure out solutions for different problems of your life might increase, and your overall thinking pattern might be improved due to exercise.

swimming pinterestThis impact of the sports on your life I think is one of the best kept secrets on this planet. Now you know it.

Maybe, just maybe, next time you will exercise you will take a moment and appreciate your work-out for what it is: a way to make your intellect stronger and improve your psychology,WHILE getting a better body! 🙂

Do like this :

Before you begin, take a deep breath and try to anticipate the benefits you will rip. Trust me, it will make the whole work out time a different experience. You can actually achieve so many things for your self in such little time! Put all your worries aside and don’t think about your current problems during your exercise time. You will see, that little by little the solutions and the better mood will come, and it will be because your body is energized and activated and not only in the muscle areas as you thought before !

If this is not the way to happiness, I don’t know what is!  🙂

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