Taste, taste, taste!

Today starts a new section: Chef style.

As I dive, swim and twirl around in the cooking world, I begin to understand more and more that between a properly cooked meal and one that is not, small details known by the chefs are the ones that make the difference. A chef who knows exactly what to do  and when to do it to cook perfectly their perfect menu, will do it every time.

First, NOBODY KNOWS EVERYTHING. As in any profession, the biggest Chefs learn all the time. In fact, I think this is what makes them great. 😉 From Jamie Oliver to Raymond Blanc , two of my favorite, always comes the same advice: taste, taste, taste! :)

I’m not a chef, not even close. 🙂 For me, they are like rock stars and I try to learn as much from books they write and any other sources of information I have access to . Always try to ask, to see how I can steal some trick of the trade, and I thought it is advisable to make here a database with the tips I hear/ read/ learn.

So far, I think the most important tip is that FOOD MUST BE TASTED. Whenever necessary, during cooking, until the end. (Do not taste raw chicken though, it’s risky). Seasoning should be checked and also if the flavors befriend eachother. If you ask any chef, no matter how famous, they will tell you that tasting the food is one of the most important aspects of his job. Why? Because he knows that when you’re tasting you’re in control. The probability of cooking a bad meal is much lower if you checked along the way how and if the ingredients combined.

Tasting is like building a database of your own, with flavors and textures, a database that will help you, without even realizing, every time you cook.

Later edit: Yesterday, after I wrote the above post I went to see the movie “Burnt”.

  Coincidentally, on one of the walls in the kitchen where Bradley Cooper was throwing plates is written exactly “taste, taste, taste”. The film is pretty cool, if I had time I would have gone to see it again! :)))

However, even if you are not passionate about cooking, the movie is worth seeing. Because Bradley Cooper. 😉

So, taste, taste, taste! 🙂


How to organize better your kitchen workstation

One of the most valuable things I learned when starting cooking, is how to organize my workspace in order to have everything at hand and exactly what I need. Recently I found this article that sums it all up pretty good. It can be the new thing we learn today. 🙂


Knives and chopping skills

Oh, the Master: Jamie Oliver is for me the teacher I needed, and I (re)discovered him in the right moment.

Exactly like in the Zen proverb :  When the student is ready the Teacher will appear . Not joking, he really influenced my cooking, the collision of tastes and textures he is presenting in his recipes are exactly on my taste, but, most importantly, I really feel this person is really, authenticly trying to teach us to cook and enjoy food. Authenticity is crossing the TV  barrier in this case. 🙂

In my opinion he has the abilty to explain very well in order for anybody to really understand cooking, and not make a series of automatic gestures described in a recipe.

But, before the actual cooking, knive skills are one the basic things everybody needs to learn, which knives you should buy and how to use them. Here you go: