Knives and chopping skills

Oh, the Master: Jamie Oliver is for me the teacher I needed, and I (re)discovered him in the right moment.

Exactly like in the Zen proverb :  When the student is ready the Teacher will appear . Not joking, he really influenced my cooking, the collision of tastes and textures he is presenting in his recipes are exactly on my taste, but, most importantly, I really feel this person is really, authenticly trying to teach us to cook and enjoy food. Authenticity is crossing the TV  barrier in this case. 🙂

In my opinion he has the abilty to explain very well in order for anybody to really understand cooking, and not make a series of automatic gestures described in a recipe.

But, before the actual cooking, knive skills are one the basic things everybody needs to learn, which knives you should buy and how to use them. Here you go:


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