About how spices became my friends

indian spicesHi, everyone! 🙂

First of all, I have to share the news with you, we found the perfect house, and most important, it has the perfect kitchen I was dreaming of. It just goes to prove that if you really wish for something it will, sometimes unexpectedly, happen. If someone told me a few moths ago that we will move to Chisinau and start a new life here I would have told them it’s impossible. Well, here we are. 🙂 And I have finally an electric oven, with a timer and everything.

So, you imagine, I was pretty busy, moving stuff, cleaning and arranging everything. It’s still a little bit mess, but, who is looking? 🙂 Nevertheless, since I started the every day a new recipe challenge  I thought there is no better moment in my life to increase my knowledge about the way the spices are being used all over the world.I decided to start with the kitchen that uses the most  numerous and diverse ones: Indian . So, my subject of choice to research and videos to watch on Youtube before sleeping, was, you guessed it, Indian food.

I always went in the indian restaurants, loved the food, but never understood what were really the spices inside. It was like I was tasting an unsolved very, very tasty mystery. Now, when I understood better the attention to detail and the preparation that stands behind an indian dish, I think I was,  understandably, right 🙂 . There are A LOT of spices that go into a dish. And, it’s not only that they are many. Their order is also important. First, there is the the ever-so-mysterious Garam Masala, that is the basis, the beginning and the end for this kind of food. And then there are a lot of other masalas, actually all are mixes of many types of spices . They are not having a specific recipe, and that’s the whole beauty of it all.

It took me three days to study and understand and buy the spices I needed for cooking this food. Remember, this is Chisinau, there is no Indian ethnic food store where I can go and get exactly what I need and bonus advice. Here I have to search high and low for some of the ingredients, not even that special… :))) But, after I finished, it felt like I welcomed new friends that will make our lives richer and better. 🙂

So, guys, if I could do it here, anybody can do it. :)) It’s just another example of how, if you really want to achieve something, it’s not even that hard if you take it step by step.

Although I cooked only two dishes so far, I think that after achieving the spices acquisition and the fact that my husband is liking  the food, I can consider this endeavor a success. 🙂

This is what I did until now: Murgh Makhni with a simple rice and Tadka Dal Fry.

I have studied many other recipes that I will try in the next weeks so, so follow me here and on Instagram.

I wrote before about spicing up your life, and, at that time I was excited about increasing my experience with these wonderful flavor and health enhancers. Since then, taking my own advice, I used them more and more. And, like true friends, they helped me everytime.

Having more and more friends makes your life better and full of variety and it’s exactly the same with the spices. Actually, while people can be surprising, about the spices you can be sure they will have a great effect on your food, everytime.  🙂

So, why not make our lives better tasting? 😉

I wish you a great week! 🙂



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