A new recipe everyday challenge

Hi guys 🙂

Anybody still there? 🙂 I hope… I guess the frequency of my posts was not that high lately but with good reasons as you will see. I will try to do better in the future.

There are some news, for better or for worse, as I have taken wedding vows and for my husband’s new job there was the necessity to transfer, we moved to Chisinau, in Moldova Republic. It seems my life is not so “settle in one place” type of life. The interesting part is that I always wanted to transfer often and experience the life in many different places. I just didn’t expect to get this wish. :)))

So, here we are. We moved and currently staying with a friend while looking for our own place. I am dreaming about a place with a lot of natural light and with a perfect kitchen. I hope we find it.

So, I find myself, contrary to what I experienced before, currently without a specific job. I guess this will happen soon enough, because, even If my husband is telling me everyday to be patient and  take advantage of the current status of looking for a home and arranging it, I just don’t know how to live without work. So for now, I am trying to take it as an interesting experience 🙂

Given the fact that unexpectedly I found myself in a better kitchen and with some time on my hands, I decided that I need to find a way to discover new things, not only outside, but also in the kitchen. So, I will challenge myself in cooking a new dish everyday. I hope I can make it, as long as I am not traveling.

Yesterday I started with homemade yogurt:


Homemade yogurt is, as or course everybody knows, the natural alternative to the store bought one. So cheaper and better version. For me it was always a mystery and I thought it is time to learn it. The catch: having a spoon of yogurt before, the store one can work , but if you can find a good natural yogurt as a starter, the taste will be better. As a recipe, its not at all hard: you have to boil one liter of milk, taking out the cream that is forming during the boiling. After, you have to leave the milk to rest, slowly , as you see we put it with a towel wrapped around it. When the milk is just a little warm ( you should be able to stick your little finger in it and not get burned), you should take one spoon of the base yogurt put it in a plate and start adding slowly a few spoons from the warm milk to the plate with the yogurt spoon. The secret is not to mix the warm milk and the cold yogurt so fast, otherwise it will not get thick. So, by mixing some spoons back to the milk pot with the yogurt- milk mix, you should incorporate slowly all the yogurt into the milk. From this moment the pot should not be moved for several hours so be careful and put it from the begining in a place where this can be achieved. Cover it with another towel and keep it for 3- 4 hours like that. After, you can put it in the fridge.

For today I tried to prepare  Melanzane e zucchine  alla parmigiana ( Eggplants and zucchini with Parmesan cheese).  I am saying tried because I had some trouble while preparing it. Since I am new in this home I hadn’t used the oven yet. There was a trey in the cupboard and I used that one. The only trouble was that when I tried to put it in the oven it was too big for it. I tried to fit it, but..nothing. Finally I had to move all the composition in a different pan, while making a mess .:)) I also made the mistake of not cooking the vegetables before so I cannot say it was the best version. I would have to try it again in another way, countable as a new recipe I think. :)) It looks like that:

photo 1(1)

I will post the foods everyday on Instagram, so please follow me. 😉

I am excited about sharing with you the adventures in this country and our new life!

I wish you a happy week! 🙂




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