Go to the cinema alone.


Hey, long time no see, ha? :))

I missed so much writing in here, and connecting with you guys! It has become such an important part of my life, and when I cannot find the time to do it, it feels like a huge piece missing from my existence. 🙂

Now I’m back, I hope I will keep writing and finding the time through my busy life. By the way, my life changed a whole lot in the last months, more than I would have ever thought or imagined, and it’s not still the final, stable version yet, still beta version :)), but the whole changing process brought to us, me and my husband, new ways of connecting with each other and new ways to get to know, in a positive or negative way, the people around us. I am currently writing a post about it, but it takes time. You,  my fellow bloggers and friends, you know that the more personal a post is, the more is difficult to express. But I am determined to do it, so keep in touch 🙂

For today, what I want to talk to you about is perspective. Perspective, I have found, is one of the most important things in the life.

It can raise you up or bring you down, you can make bad or good life decisions according to your perspective, and, it can change your whole way of thinking once you acknowledge your position according to a new point of view.

For understanding this, I will tell you a story :  Once upon a time, a few years back, I was having a conversation with one of my girlfriends. I was telling her that I really wish I can go to cinema, but, all friends I had asked if they wanted to join me, had other plans.  My friend looked at me, and she asked me a little surprised, why I would necessarily need anyone to join me. If I wanted to go, I could go by myself. I was very amazed by this possibility, because in my opinion going to movies was only a group activity and the option of going by myself made me feel ashamed, at the thought that the people might believe that I was a girl with no friends, rejected by society and, first and foremost, alone. After I told my friend my opinion she answered, with what became one of the most important points of view of my life: ” If you want to go to cinema, you don’t have to wait for anyone else that should join you. For me, it’s one of the favorite moments I can spend time by my self and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.”

“But, I continued, Isn’t it shameful to sit by yourself while other people are in groups ?’

“No, she said,  why it would be ? There is no shame in enjoying a movie by yourself and the activities a person does by him or herself are very important in that person’s life. It’s not shameful at all that anyone enjoys time by oneself “.

Those words literally changed my life. I went to cinema in that day, somehow not believing so much that I can enjoy myself, thinking that people will pity and look badly at me. It was not remotely like this, even the contrary. If there were pity looks I didn’t see them, because I was so happy that I could choose the movie I wanted to see, and the treats I wanted to buy without compromising to my friend’s opinions, as usual. I ended up seeing two movies in a row. It was a long time dream of mine that no friend wanted to join also 🙂

Since then, I am going to cinema, restaurant and any other activity that I wish, just because I enjoy doing it. I do this also with my friends, but its such a different experience that I like do both, in different ways.
Every time I do it I think about the fact that, if I was never having the conversation with my friend I would have lived with an opinion that would have robbed me of so many joyful moments trough in my life.

Thinking that at some point in my life it seemed like taboo to do somethings it proves to myself, over and over again, that the perspective can change your whole life sometimes. The cinema is just an example. The activity is not important. Important is to understand how important is the perspective in life. It’s one of the reoccurring thoughts I have, and I will come back to it in future posts also.

Being able to do what you wish makes you feel free. Of course, the sensation of freedom together with a favorite activity is one of the way to reach true happiness. Sometimes, we deny ourselves these precious moments due to some misconceptions that don’t belong to us or even to this century. So, why care for them?

Perspective is important. Remember it. Try to shift the perspective and see things from other point of view. It might just change your life. 😉

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