I’m saying it again : travel ! It’s one of the most important things in life and it can do wonders for you being happy ! We are lucky to be part of a world so big and with so much diversity. The world is beautiful and each person and situation you will encounter can teach you something. Sometimes it will be something about their culture,about their city or village or it can be even about yourself .You will know yourself better, and your own reactions will surprise you sometimes.Whatever it will be,even the difficult circumstances you will be in, it will definitely change you for the better. Travelling can mean to go in a different country, in the same country where you leave or even going to a new place in your  city. Some of us are are leaving years and years without knowing our own country. I am like this,I traveled first internationally for the most part ,only to discover later that near to me were also places of great beauty. For each,the journey is different,but it’s important to have it. Trust this, in the moment you get out of your comfort area amazing things can happen! You should focus on the details that make that place different and the characteristics that you want to remember. Try to live in the moment and make the most of the experience in every way.Smell the air, taste the food of that place and immerse yourself in the experience. If you focus on it you will learn a lot of new things and improve your view on the world. You will return home a better version of yourself and further in the life you will understand in surprising  ways how important that travel was. I am the kind of person who cannot stay too much in the same place,I have traveling in my blood,I always want to go somewhere,to search for the new experience. I traveled a lot ,and I will share with you some of my travels and the experiences that came with them. I am leaving you now with two photos from Australia, one of my favorite places in the world. Bye- bye! 🙂


Australian rain forest



Sydney – Australia



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