Mediterranean Diet

I know a lot about diets.Being a woman and all…I had no choice 🙂

However, even if i’m not a trained nutritionist,I can have a professional opinion also as a doctor. The Mediterranean diet is classified as the healthiest diet in the world,due to extended studies that have been made on the lifestyle and nutrition of the people in the Mediterranean region.I can only agree with this,and,having a husband that is Turkish and therefore having a close culture contact with this way of living,I have also the experience. 🙂

Of course ,everybody knows the main characteristics of the Mediterranean Diet, the food pyramid picture and the basic lifestyle guidelines.If you don’t know I advise you to find out ,with a simple search.I will come back with details also. The rules,are of course sensible and healthy eating is defined very well. However,in my opinion, and the scientists also, if we are looking only to nutrition we are missing a big part of the diet ,as the most important part is the attitude of the Mediterranean people towards the life. They love their land. They love the sun and their everyday life. They are eating happy and their meals are prepared with fresh and great looking ingredients.

They use simple meals with few ingredients and for the most of them they use olive oil that is really pure and healthy.

If you have the occasion of traveling in a Mediterranean area,and its advisable not only for the food,please watch the people prepare their food. Even in restaurants you can notice the fresh and beautiful ingredients that are placed there with a special respect and love that we can rarely find in the city.The sun,the sea,the fresh air are as important as the food for the Mediterranean people.

Every time I go in one of these areas I am trying to bring back home with me some of all this. I am trying to remember everyday the joy the Mediterranean people are preparing their meals with. I am trying to choose the vegetables as fresh and as organic as possible.Some of the sun and some of the happiness is in them somehow,so that’s what you want in your plate ! 😉

This is the first post on Mediterranean diet, I will come back with more details and even recipes ,as in our home is a preferred style to eat,although not the only one.

The photo is from Turkey,actually from an island near Istanbul,Büyükada, very beautiful and quiet,exactly the opposite of the chaotic,but nevertheless beautiful Istanbul,which you can see below.


Ferry ride to Büyükada



Büyükada Turkey










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